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Finance custom business software for $0 out of pocket.

Automate My Startup is partnered with Dimension Funding to provide financing to small to medium-sized businesses. 100% project financing including implementation, training, and almost any other cost associated with the software implementation. Up to $500k in software project financing without needing financial statements. Rather than using up your available resources, you can spread the software financing over a term of up to 60 months.

We are the subscription based software engineering companies use to build and maintain their software.


Need a software engineer? Call or Text us today.

We love speaking to business owners about their tech needs, problems, etc. There are no commitments needed for us to give your business tech support, just give us a call or send a text.


Benefits of Software Financing Options.

Finance up to a 5 year term

Save your working capital and lines of credit by extending the term of your financing to 5 years. Avoid upfront costs and get low monthly payments to develop the software your business needs today.

Covers all associated costs

Through dimension funding the costs of equipment, software development, training and additional support can be bundled into your financing.

Fast Approval & Funding

Get approved for software financing usually within a few hours (with some exceptions). Upon approval, your funding is often within 48 hours but can be the same day.

Simple Documentation

Dimension Funding prepares all the paperwork and DocuSign is available on most transactions. Sign a few pages and you are done!

Not very technical?

Need an Engineer to advise your team? No problem.

We have a diverse team of engineers with the necessary talent and experience to advise your group, sit in meetings, and build the solutions you need to overcome your most significant business problems.

Automate your business

The automation you need to grow your business painlessly

Get the data from your third-party services and generate reports and other features with your custom software.

We'll build your software in the cloud

Access all of your data from anywhere at anytime. Your software will work on all devices.

We'll keep your data secure

We are serious about security. SSL Certificates, Data Encryption with the proven hardware and best practices.

Consistent Updates & Improvements

After building your software, we will continuously maintain and update it as your business continues to change.

Advanced Security

We secure our servers with custom security software, on top of paying for the best-in-class servers from some of the largest server providers in the world.

Connect Apps to your API

You'll have your API and API keys to grant applications to your secure data. With your data, you're in the driver's seat.

Daily Server & Database Backups

Access to Daily backups and rollback capability 24/7. We will be there to protect your software and restore it to an earlier point if needed.

"We create software to make it easy to manage the complexities of your business. We take great pride making quality software affordable through smart financing."

Jurell Tanksley

Our CTO at 1 Million Cups pitching software in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Frequently asked questions

What programming languages will be used to build my software?
We love building business software in Ruby on Rails. With Rails 7 and Ruby 3, this means benefiting from low-cost, rapid development. The sophistication and simplicity of Ruby on Rails helped companies like Github, Hulu, Twitter, and Twitch scale to millions of users. With Ruby on Rails, you'll be in good company.
How long will it take to complete my software?
The length of software development varies based on complexity, size, and budget (as we may need more engineers to fit your desired timeline). We start by building the minimum viable product to demo the main features requested. Afterward, we make additional enhancements and bug fixes. Next, we begin the Alpha and Beta phases of testing. Once testing is complete, we launch version 1 of your software. Simple software can take as little as 90 days, but a very complex project can take over a year. Sign up, and a specialist will reach out to you about your software needs.
If I don't qualify for funding, what are my payment options?
Suppose your business doesn't qualify for financing through dimension funding. In that case, your software deposit will be $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 down, and your monthly payment will be between $5,000.00 - $9,000.00 a month, contingent on the size and complexity of your software. All payments will be made with a debit or credit card through our payment system powered by Stripe. Software platforms use Stripe worldwide to process payments like Amazon, Shopify, Instacart, Google, and Wayfair.
How long does it take to get started?
You can get started right away. Whether you choose to apply for funding or decide to pay through our payment system, the process begins by signing up and telling us about your desired software project. Once funded, a project manager will be assigned; you'll receive an email and a phone introduction. Your project manager will be available 24/7 via email and 9 - 5 pm Monday through Friday.
How frequently will I be updated on the progress of my software?
Daily. We will update you with a service log of all account activity daily. This activity log will be accessible through the dashboard of this website and delivered via email. We use Scrum Methodology to manage projects in 2-week sprint cycles. Sprint reviews will begin with a demo of your software and will end with a session to plan out the next two weeks of development.
Am I locked into a contract if I work with Automate My Startup?
No. The non-refundable deposit and monthly payment make it so you can start, stop and continue development as you see fit. In addition, services are prepaid, so if you decide to pause services with us, your paid time will continue when you resume services. Finally, if you decide to stop development before completion, we will send you all your code and intellectual property in a zip file.

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